Hot Habanero [Beef Brisket]

Hot Habanero [Beef Brisket]
Item# Hot-Habanero

Product Description

If you love a great combination between something HOT and something fantastically flavored, our HOT HABINERO is just for you. Hand sliced brisket marinade in our hot habanero mixture consisting of hand picked, locally grown fresh habanero's, infused with garlic salt, onion pepper, soy sauce, and other fine spices. This jerky is perfect for those who enjoy a simplistic amount of heat that is not overly hot but hot enough to satisfy your cravings!

Ingredients: sliced brisket,soy-sauce,(water,wheat,soybeans,salt,sodium benzoate, less than 1/10 of 1% as a preservative,) filtered water,sugar,worcestershire sauce,(distilled white vinegar, molasses,water,sugar,onion,anchovies, salt,garlic,cloves,tamarind extract,natural flavorings,chile pepper extract,serrano chilies,lemon juice,habanero,serrano chilies,granulated garlic,onion powder.